privacy policy

Williams Software Associates adheres to the following principles of information practice to ensure safeguards for personal privacy:

1. There shall be no personal information system whose existence is secret.

2. Information shall not be collected unless the need for it has been clearly established in advance.

3. Information shall be appropriate and relevant to the purpose for which it has been collected.

4. Information shall not be obtained by fraudulent or unfair means.

5. Information shall not be used unless it is accurate and current.

6. There shall be a prescribed procedure for an individual to learn the purpose for which information has been recorded and particulars about its use and dissemination.

7. There shall be a clearly prescribed and uncomplicated procedure for an individual to correct, erase or amend inaccurate, obsolete or irrelevant information.

8. We will assure its reliability and take precautions to prevent its misuse.

9. We will not collect personal information for one purpose being used for another purpose.

10. Request to remove personal or company information will be granted when requested.

11. Information concerning payments will not be stored by WSA Software, only approved secure third party payment methods of the highest industry security will be used.

12. Any misuse or data breach that may happen will be addressed to each and every person or company and appropriate remedy instituted as soon as possible.