Global Warehouse Tracking System


  • Real Time diagnostics of all products in system
  • Hyperlinked tiles leads to in depth product details
  • Tracks all completed and open orders
  • Tracks maximum, minimum and below products for re-order points
  • Tracks expiration, shelf life and warranty dates on all products
  • Tracks maintenance and quality assurance checks


  • Filter Options lets you select open anf completed orders: query orders for specific time periods
  • Saves entire order history and provides customizable invoices
  • two factor PIN aunthentication for signing of equipment
  • Scan QR codes or manually select products
  • Scan Kit items onto order (Serialized & Consumables)
  • Conduct RFID checkuots


  • System use with CAC, HID, PIV, or any other type of card pertaining to your organization
  • Manual enter personnel or mass import organizational workforce
  • Set Customer proficiencies and skillsets
  • Customize customer attributes
  • View any customer’s orders and keeps a history log of all orders conducted


  • Batch scan products to return items or return products via RFID
  • System provides a return receipt for the customer
  • Filter options allows the user to view all Active and Completed returns


  • Customize your screen layouts for different viewing of products
  • See what’s currently checked out of the system for serialized items real time and by who
  • Easily send Maintenance items from this screen
  • View Detailed reports for a specific product
  • Easily export any reports to Excel

Inventory & Auditing

  • Conduct a Real Time, Category, Warehouse Location or an RFID Inventory
  • Quantities entered in the Quantity Inventoried field will update quantities once inventory has been completed
  • Color coded Delta column easily shows what was actually counted during the inventory
  • Inventoried count shows how many items are left to inventory
  • Easily import a mobile device inventory to update your database
  • Inventory reports provided for each inventory conducted


  • Track any type of maintenance conducted
  • History report provided for all maintenance conducted
  • Maintenance process allows you to track man-hours and parts used
  • System provides customizable maintenance reports to suit your organization
  • System provides a Quality Assurance check for products which may need them


  • Category report filters allow users to track products by location
  • Reports shows who checked out what items from the system
  • Color code shows what if below its on-hand levels which make re-ordering of products easier
  • Numerous Invoice and Maintenance Reports provided or can customize to fit your organization


  • Set schedules for appointment reminders
  • Easily select the type of products a customer will be receiving for ease of issuing


  • Shows the system user about the status of their RFID antenna portals
  • Set different settings on what you want the RFID antennas to do

Stock Management

  • View and access product via use of Tiles
  • Multi-functional tiles allows user to attach kit items, update quantities and change locations of products
  • Allows the user to view items by locations or by category

SmarTrack Global GPS Personnel Tracking

  • Track Personnel 24/7/365 on a PC or Cell Phone
  • Provides SOS Emergency Notification & Two Way Communications
  • Ability to Enable Fall Detection

SmarTrack Global UTC/Connex Real-Time Location Tracking

  • Track Cargo Containers or Vehicles 24/7/365 via PC or Cell Phone
  • Provides Notifications via E-Mail and SMS
  • Alerting Notification if Cargo or Vehicles enter a Restricted Zone set by the User

How It Works Simplified

Established GPS or Cell Connection

Gathers Signals from Earth and Space

Tracks Position on Devices

Presents Data on Web Enabled Devices (PC, Tablet, Cell Phone)

Setting Up a Land Navigation Course

Set Boundary Limits Drawn by User

Set Land Navigation Course Points & Numbers

Set up Point Alert Notification

Point Location Drill Down Mapping

SmarTrack SOS Snake Trail

SmarTrack SOS Snail Trail Drill Down

Personnel/Candidate Side by Side Comparison

SOS Button Incident Response

Medical / Vitals GPS Tracker

  • Track personnel vitals and core temperature

Vehicle Location Monitoring & Tracking History

Locate assets and track assets as they move real-time

Receive alerts when vehicle exceeds designated speed limits

Provides ability to see vehicles direction of travel along a route